The lost chronicles of Zerzura


The lost chronicles of Zerzura indir - (Direkt indir)

A young inventor named Feodor is building a flying machine with his brother in Barcelona. But his brother is soon snatched away by the Inquisition, and Feodor is left alone to travel through several countries and experience diverse cultures in order to answer the question of what unfathomable mysteries are hidden in Zerzura.


Historical background: the story resembles actual events from the year 1514
High-quality graphic and scenes rendered in HD
Dynamic music emphasizing the game’s events and emotions
Cultural variety: locations influenced by Europe, Moorish and Egyptian architectures and religions (Christianity and Islam)
Deep character development: the protagonist evolves as thestory goes, showing graphically its gradual transformation
Travel log and possibility to skip mini-games.

The lost chronicles of Zerzura indir - (Direkt indir)

OYUN BİLGİLERİ 18 Nisan 2017 12:01
The lost chronicles of Zerzura

Tür: Macera

Platform: PC

Boyut: 3.44 GB


Tarih: 26-11-2012

Kaynak: Zamunda

Dil: İngilizce

Etiketler: , , , , ,

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